Test Results and Xrays

In keeping with Accreditation guidelines, privacy legislation and best practice requirements your blood test or X-ray will require a follow up consultation with your GP. This follow-up consultation will generally be bulk billed if no other unrelated matters are raised.

Receptionists and even nurses cannot routinely give out results over the telephone. However, we are trialling a new service and you may register yourself with “Manage My Health” and have your results e-mailed to you securely. Of course, you should still see the doctor so you understand the significance of any abnormal results. We may text you a reminder so please ensure your mobile phone details and email address are registered with us.

Pathology (blood tests) and radiology (X-ray) tests are expensive procedures — even if they have been bulk-billed for you as part of our service. If a test is worth doing, then it is important that you obtain and understand the results of such tests.

It is preferable not to give any test results over the telephone due to patient confidentiality and the inability to properly communicate the significance of the results. Some results by law cannot be given out except face-to-face. Our staff are not medically trained and don’t know your condition.

A telehealth consultation may be an appropriate and convenient way to discuss test results, if you are an existing patient of the practice and have attended for a face-to-face consultation within the preceding 12 months (may change to 8 months depending on regulations). Such a consulation is likely to be bulk-billed.

This has been recommended by our accreditation agency (AGPAL), the RACGP and our medico-legal advisors.

Please make a follow up appointment for test results. This will enable your doctor to discuss the outcome of any tests. It will also allow a treatment program to be planned and a review of your medical condition, in addition to any examination and further tests to be arranged if the diagnosis is still unclear.

Please do not expect us to contact you about abnormal results. It is YOUR responsibility. Of course, we would generally contact you if the results suggest a serious condition needing immediate attention.

Please check with the doctor or nurse when the results are expected and feel free to call to confirm that the results have arrived prior to your appointment.

In the interests of minimising expense to you in these difficult economic times, straight-forward consultations to discuss test results only will usually be bulk-billed with no gap payment (check with doctor).

Exceptions to this rule:

  • If discussed with the doctor (e.g. urine test where antibiotic already given or routine check-up tests)
  • PAP smears where no immediate follow-up is required if the test is completely normal. A repeat smear is due every 2 years.

We encourage you to be actively involved in the management of your health. We suggest you write your tests or questions down to prompt further discussion with your doctor.