New Patients

We welcome all new patients at both our clinics.

When attending the practice for the first time it would be appreciated if you could arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so we can register your details before you see the doctor. You may like to complete the appropriate form prior to coming.

Please make sure you bring your Medicare card, and your Health care or pension cards. If you do not have a health care or pension card, please bring your banking details or debit card (cheque or savings account) if you have not registered this information with Medicare, especially if you would like the Medicare rebated directly back to your account..

Please also let the receptionist know if you feel you require a long appointment so extra time is allowed for you. Please specify if you require one of our specialised services such as Travel, SCUBA, addiction service, pain management, iron infusion or a procedure.

There may be additional fees payable for these complex services, sometimes as a deposit at the time of making the appointment, so adequate time is set aside for you and the Medicare rebate fee (so no more out-of-pocket) will be charged when you attend. Failure to attend will forfeit this payment. Also please be familiar with our cancellation policy.

Cancellation PolicyRepeat offences will generally result in a non-attendance fee of 50% of the fee payable for the lost appointment time (not covered by Medicare) and/or refusal to give further appointments.