What is bulk-billing?

Bulk-billing is when a health care provider accepts the Medicare Rebate amount as the total and only payment for a medical service, rather than charging for the actual cost of the service. This represents a substantial discount of about 50% off a standard private fee. With the rising cost of running a comprehensive medical practice, it is not sustainable to provide the best possible care based on the Medicare Rebate amount, which was frozen for some 10 years. The clinic offers limited bulk-billing to the disadvantaged whilst maintaining private fees to ensure that we can uphold quality standards.

There is NO bulk-billing and a $10 surcharge on Saturdays at Colchester Medical Centre. Routine appointments are 15 minutes. Knoxfield & Colchester have consolidated into Colchester. We are also being forced to raise fees.

Whom do we bulk-bill?

Children 15 and under, Pensioners, Veterans’ Affairs and Health Care Card holders are bulk-billed, also full-time students on presentation of a student card.

Care plans, care plan reviews, (including mental health plans and reviews) and Health Assessments are Bulk-billed. Ask your GP to see if you are eligible for these services.

Private fees & claiming refunds from Medicare

All other consultations attract a private fee. Our private fees are well below standard AMA rates and are payable at the time of consultation by cash, cheque, credit card or EFTPOS.
Full payment of your account on the day of consultation is required. In accordance with Medicare regulations, we are unable to accept payment of just the out of pocket amount.
Using the HIC online system, you can lodge your account electronically with Medicare from our clinic once you have registered your banking details at any Medicare office or online at Medicare online account help - Update your bank account details - Services Australia. This site provides instructions on how to update your bank account details to receive Medicare benefits. Payments from Medicare are directly deposited into your nominated account, usually within 3 to 4 working days.

Are there additional fees?

There may be additional fees payable for complex services (travel - vaccine costs, SCUBA, addiction service, pain management, MTOP, iron infusion or a procedure). Sometimes a deposit is required at the time of making the appointment, so adequate time is set aside for you. The Medicare rebate fee (so no more out-of-pocket) will be charged when you attend. Failure to attend will forfeit this payment.

There is a $10 surcharge on Saturdays.

Unpaid and missed appointment fees

Unpaid accounts attract a $11.00 administration fee (including GST).

Please also be aware of our no-show policy with fees being half of the value of the missed appointment (this is $22+gst for a missed Telehealth appointment).

Private fees:

Fees applicable from 1st July 2024  are listed in the table below.

Should you have any difficulties with our fees, please discuss with our receptionist, nurse or doctor.

Physiotherapy, psychology, podiatry & dietitian services cannot routinely be bulk-billed but may be covered by Private Health or WorkCover or TAC insurance or attract a Medicare rebate in some circumstances. Fees are set by the individual practitioners.


We are unable to include expensive complex dressings in Medicare bulk-bill fees as Medicare does not permit charging for items on top of bulk-billed Medicare fees (except for vaccines).

Unfortunately, in order for the practice to remain viable, private fees have increased on 1st July 2024. We remain competitive.

Description of Service Fees Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket ($15 less for non-concessional >65) Item Number
Standard GP consultation (consultation lasting less than 20 mins) $80.00 ($65 non-concession >65) $42.85 $37.15 23
Long GP consultation (consultation lasting at least 20 min for cases in relation to one or more health related issues) $120.00 ($105 non-concession >65) $82.90 $37.10 36
Prolonged GP consultation (consultation lasting at least 40 mins for cases in relation to one or more health related issues) $165.00 ($150 non-concession >65) $122.15 $42.85 44
Travel Consultation Fee → as for appropriate length consultation PLUS cost of vaccines
Booking (gap) fee for censored service, ADHD, diving medicals & MTOP ~$125 NIL ~$125 At consultation, just pay the rebate amount which you get back.
Account keeping fee (applies if account not paid at time of consultation) $10.00 +GST $10.00 +GST
Work Cover and TAC patients Charged at Worksafe & TAC rates
Cancellation / non-attendance fee (if not advised within two hours prior to appointment) 50% of item fee ($22 for concession or telehealth appointments) +GST $0.00  50% of item fee ($22 for concession or telehealth appointments) +GST There will generally be a warning for the first offence, except for new patients.
Transfer of medical records $35+GST NIL Always $38.50 inc GST Not applicable

*Children under 16, pensioners, DVA & health card holders and students under 25 with a current student card are bulk billed.

*As Medicare no longer pays a bulk-billing incentive for non-concessional patients over 65, we have chosen to give a discount of $15

*Telehealth appointments are billed at the same rates. Medicare does not allow long bulk-billed Telehealth consultations unless you are registered with us through myMedicare. You will need to provide credit card details before starting the appointment.

We accept all major credit cards, and all costs must be paid for on the day to avoid the account keeping fee.