COVID Vaccination appointments

Astra Zeneca vaccine is now available for all consenting adults.

Latest Information re Coronavirus including testing centres & interesting videos.

You need TWO appointments 12 weeks apart. Please use the appropriate booking windows below. Ideally, make BOTH appointments when booking so you don't forget later. Shortening the spacing reduces efficacy of the immune response. These appointments are bulk-billed and are brief. If you have trouble using the online system, please call Colchester to book.

You need to check your eligibility for the vaccine through Eligibility Checker

First COVID Vaccination appointment

Now make the Second COVID Vaccination appointment - please work out 12 weeks later

Once you've had the vaccine, if you think you may be experiencing side-effects you can check here: Side-Effect Checker


When making an appointment, please let reception know if you need more time than a standard consultation or if you will be bringing another family member so that an appointment will can be made for them as well.

Longer consultations are usually required for complicated health problems and completing medical and insurance reports.

Patients are seen according to the appointment order, so by advising us beforehand, you’ll help avoid long waiting periods for other patients.

In the case of an acute illness, particularly a child, please let the receptionist know.

The practice provides a complete range of medical care, including home visits, hospital and nursing home care. If you are in need of a home visit, please contact the surgery as soon as possible after 8.30am. Fees apply.

Cancellation / Non-attendance Policy

We always endeavour to try and accommodate every patient that calls for an appointment. Thus we request that anyone not able to attend their appointment notify us at least 2 hours prior to the appointment time. This gives us the opportunity to offer this appointment to someone else.

We will generally forgive the first "offence", unless it is missing an initial long appointment for a special purpose or program. However, repeat offences will generally result in a non-attendance fee of 50% of the fee payable for the lost appointment time (not covered by Medicare) and/or refusal to give further appointments.