At Colchester Medical Centre the doctors are committed to providing the best care for you and your family.

The clinic provides a comprehensive range of services and use the most up to date medical equipment and sterilizing techniques. Our fees remain very competitive.

The clinic is a Government Authorised Travel Vaccination Centre offering a full travel medicine service.

We stock most vaccines and a range of travel related products, including current flu and covid vaccines.

FLU VACCINES 2024 are AVAILABLE. Book now.

LATEST NEWS - updated 8/6/2024:

Unfortunately, due to doctor shortages (30% of GPs expected to retire within 5 years), lack of government support, and indeed working against small business in general but Medicare billing in particular, Knoxfield Medical Centre has closed after over 37 years of operation. We have consolidated into Colchester Medical Centre.

Thank you for your good feedback indicating above-average performance. You can download the summary by clicking the button. We have taken notice of it. 2024 Patient Survey Feedback
We will now be strictly enforcing a zero-tolerance bad behaviour policy. Everyone is stressed by the collapsing health system but rude and entitled behaviour towards our staff will result in your being asked to seek care elsewhere. Please blame State and Federal Governments, not us.

The Knoxfield Med Ctr site has been sold to a developer and will presumably become a residential development in due course.

Telehealth consultations are billed as for face-to-face visits.
There is NO bulk-billing and a $10 surcharge on Saturdays and Telehealth is discouraged. The standard appointment time is 15 minutes.
Please check and make an appointment before attending. We remain very price competitive and sympathetic to our patients.
There is a severe and worsening shortage of doctors in general practice.
Capacity to accept new patients is also limited.
Private fees are likely to need to increase by a modest amount. We regret these changes but it is an economic necessity.

Why General Practice is in crisis

Medicare rebates have not kept up with the inflation index for over 10 years. Healthcare costs continue to rise, General Practitioners and General Practice can no longer continue to absorb this without an increase in fees. The lack of investment into Medicare rebates by the government, and indeed increased taxes of various types, means it is becoming more difficult for General Practitioners and General Practice to keep their doors open. This is particulary problematic in the outer suburbs, which is why we could not continue to operate from both sites. As a result, General Practitioners are being forced to increase fees so we can continue to operate and provide quality healthcare to our community.

Billing Background and Medicare rebates now far below costs after over a decade of Government inaction Private Fees Explained

If you are a new patient, please help us and save time for yourself by downloading and completing the new patient form from the links at the bottom of this page and bringing them with you.
See the Services page for a full list.

Masks are recommended for your and our protection, especially if you have respiratory symptoms. Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Everywhere is short-staffed. Please be respectful to those staff who turned up.

TELEHEALTH services via phone & video continue for existing patients who have been seen face to face within 12 months, for straight-forward consultations (results, referrals & repeat prescriptions) and some mental health treatment plans and care plans. Face to face consultations ensure optimal health care and are preferred.

An annual face-to-face consultation is a Medicare requirement for existing and for all NEW patients.

Only standard appointments should be made online otherwise RING the clinic.
If you have trouble getting an appointment on-line, call either clinic to book and explain the situation politely if the matter is urgent.
Medicare has limited telephone consultations to straightforward problems.
Long consultations are NOT available by telephone unless you have registared with myMedicare.
Video telehealth may be possible if you have the equipment. Please be ready for a text message with a link to click to enter a video consultation.
To maintain optimal care and give everyone a fair go, we will be enforcing our practitioners' billing policy as per our Practice Fees page, including the fees for non-attendance (including missed telehealth of which we have too many).

eScripts are now routinely used We can now send eScripts directly to your phone or email (let us know your preference). This is especially useful for Telehealth consultations. Of course, you need to attend physically at least annually, and for vaccinations, procedures and specialised requirements, or if you are a new patient.

Click for Latest Information about Coronavirus disease, including home treatments supported by your GP.

Please follow the mask regulations (click the link for details) unless exempt. Please do not attend in person if you have symptoms of coronavirus but call the clinic. Thank you for your ongoing support and co-operation during these difficult times.

Medicare Bulk Billing
Bulk-billing, Telehealth and missed appointment changesThe Government has discontinued COVID bulk-billing incentives, so we cannot afford to bulk-bill Telehealth for everyone. It is important that you are ready for the phone call. Telephone consultations are for straightforward problems only. In-clinic services will be as per usual policy. As Medicare does not pay a bulk-billing incentive, we give non-concessional patients over 65 a $15 discount. Please ask for bulk-billing if you are in hardship. We want our patients to be able to continue to attend for medical care. Please be aware of the non-attendance fee (which includes missed Telehealth appointments) - approximately HALF of the value of the missed consultation.

Only standard appointments should be made on-lineWe offer preventative care such as Cervical Screening Tests (formerly known as Pap Smears) in person at our clinics as also blood tests. Pathology is open 6 days a week at Colchester, and by nurses as available at Knoxfield (not all tests). Psychology/counselling, podiatry & physiotherapy are available.

If you are a new patient or need a special service (pain/addiction/CENSORED SERVICE/MTOP etc) such as needing a doctor to help you with your complex pain or Opiate Addiction program and/or are enquiring about the Government Censored Service or ADHD program, please read the appropriate page on the website, then contact either clinic and ask to be directed to the appropriate doctors.
Specialised matters (travel medicine, CENSORED SERVICE, addiction medicine, ADHD and diving medicals), or completing medical and insurance reports, require a longer appointment. These services are usually not bulkbilled due to the complexity, paperwork and thus time needed. Prepayment of a deposit may be required.
Not all doctors provide all services.

Respiratory clinics if you have cough and fever (so could be coronavirus)

If you suspect you may have the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), please do NOT attend the clinic.
You can call us or the dedicated hotline on 1800 675 398.

Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

Trading hours

Weekdays 9am to 5.30pm
Saturday 9am - 12 noon
Sunday/Pub holidays CLOSED
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Services Overview

  • Men’s, Women’s & Kid’s Health
  • Travel Medicine
  • Skin Clinic
  • Acupuncture
  • Allied Health
  • Mental & Addiction Services
  • Plant based treatments
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Our Fees

We offer Bulk Billing for children, student & concession card holders, pensioners and others.

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